Friday, June 18, 2010

Hiding from Grandmas

We're prepared for the storm. Two bottles of milk. Lunch meats and cheese. A DVD from Blockbuster. It's not a blizzard, not even this crazy year. It's Grandma's Marathon weekend. But like when a blizzard hits, we're not going ANYWHERE for the next two days.

Duluth gets so locked up by Grandma' the car traffic arriving, by the runners in THREE different races...that you have to plan far ahead.

Our friends in Grand Marais are even suggesting skipping Duluth entirely on your way to their fair harbor town, heading nearly to the Iron Range and then taking Superior National Forest Scenic Byway across to Silver Bay.

Since we live out on Minnesota Point and the only way to reach us is through Canal Park, the marathon foot and car traffic essentially cuts us off from the rest of the world. Which is fine with me. Maybe we'll have a picnic in the middle of Lake Avenue. All those gardeners who don't like showing their rear end to the world can work in their front yards all day long on Saturday.

Maybe, just maybe, the Lake Superior water will be warm enough for a swim.

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