Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's cooler by the lake: The poem

Today's 57 degrees in Grand Marais and 87 degrees in Minneapolis make your mind turn to poetry. This old ditty deserves to get back into circulation:

It's Cooler by the Lake
Steve Stark

The weatherman on TV News
Said "It's a nifty day
For golfers with their polished clubs
To get outside and play.
Or if you have a mind to work
You might go outside and rake.
Two Harborites can stay inside --
It's cooler by the lake."

The Minneapolis temps are up
It's lush and warm and green.
In Brimson, well, the skies are clear
Ten miles can be seen.
All over Minnesota
The citizens will bake,
For us the caveat is out --
"It's cooler by the lake."

Bermuda shorts are seldom seen
Short sleeves are seldom "in."
With sandals, well, your feet will freeze.
It seems we cannot win.
'Cause when you know the summer sun
On you will soon forsake,
Take heed because you know by now --
"It's cooler by the lake."

Oh, somewhere in this northern land
The sun is shining bright
And children dance and romp and sing
At morning, noon and night
The warmth abounds, the birds all sing
It's good to be awake
There is no joy by Agate Bay --
"It's cooler by the lake."

Copied, without permission but with sincere admiration, from Minnesota Sea Grant's 1980 Superior Advisory Notes. Original credit to Steve Stark, Lake County News-Chronicle. Order your free copy here!

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Pam said...

I just had to post a link to this blog post on our Gardenwood Resort Facebook page, to encourage people to escape the heat and come for a visit. Thanks for finding and posting the poem.