Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Capturing the essence of fall

It's the peak of fall colors on the North Shore. I am so glad photographers like Travis Novitsky (above) are out there capturing the ephemeral season. This is his fantastic picture from the Superior Hiking Trail west of the Caribou Trail.

Fall colors can seldom be wrapped up into a single frame. It's an experience, not an image. Fall is turning the corner on the Cramer Road and passing through a glowing tunnel of firelit maple. It's the smell in the woods of rot and renewal in the forest astride Leveaux Mountain.

Fall is a cool drink of water during a long and scenic hike in Crosby Manitou State Park.

To find some fall colors for yourself, check out the Superior National Forest's fall color page. There's a link from there to their fall color tour map, which shows the Cramer Road route (they call it "Mt. View Drive," and it's lovely).

It takes a real talent and a firm grasp of photography to create an image that "gets" the North Shore fall color experience. Thanks, Travis, for applying your talent to this cause.

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