Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girl power on the SHT

Leave the techie man-gear and the "I'm ridin' solo" attitude at home. Yesterday it was all about the girls.

It was lovely. The valleys inland from Lake Superior are ablaze with autumn color. The sky was crystal blue. Best of all both of my girls were along for the day. Sally had the camera and was in her glory, composing pictures from the trees and leaves and rocks. Chloe was in her glory too, running on the trail, off the trail.

We drove the back roads from Beaver Bay to Finland and found glorious flaming maple trees along the way. Then we hiked up to Sawmill Dome along the Superior Hiking Trail, headed west from County Road 6.

It is SO NICE to have some female energy on a hike. To enjoy the journey as much as the destination. To be sure to hike slowly enough and close enough so we can actually talk with each other, about dreams and ideas. And, in Chloe's case, to run all through the woods with enough passion for all of us...and to pee anywhere she wanted.

I took Sally down the spur to Picnic Rock. Last time I was there, I thought it was a super cool destination, well-worth the rough but short spur trail to get there. Sally was not at all impressed by the jumble of mossy boulders. "Shouldn't call it 'Picnic' Rock," she said."I thought there'd be some sort of sunny view, not this dark and depressing place." Damn, she's right. Again. Gotta re-write that one trail description. Now that's girl power.

The biggest plus of all this girl power, however, was the kissing:

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