Thursday, September 16, 2010

Four saltie ships, four celestial surfers

Out in big broad Lake Superior, salties have been at anchor waiting for the fall harvest to come in to Duluth's grain elevators. Meanwhile, local surfers have been waiting for the swells to come in to Duluth's surf breaks. The surfers got theirs first. This morning there were four ocean-going ships and four stand-up surfboarders out on the lake behind our house. Something about that symmetry of four and four really captured my imagination, so I grabbed the camera to take some pictures.

The stand-up surfers were paddling out into the waves, turning and riding the waves back in. Their wetsuit-clad figures looked symbolic and eerie, like pictographs on the water; they stood so straight and their boards were hidden under the water line. If I had been a ancient Anishinabe and seen these guys, I would be sure they were gods, gliding over the lake's surface.

Another lovely, ethereal morning on the shores of Lake Superior.

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