Monday, September 6, 2010

Here come Mike and Kate

In a stunning display of veteran perseverance, Mike Link and Kate Crowley have made it 90% of the way around Lake Superior. They've followed the Lake Superior shoreline from Duluth, across Wisconsin, tracing Michigan's serpentine peninsula, and braving the dramatic Ontario shore.

Now they are back in Minnesota, and the only thing slowing them down is themselves. Cranking out fifteen mile days, they could be to Duluth in a week. But the big arrival in Duluth is scheduled for September 19th, and they're making the most of their time back in their home state.

I can think of a few other folks I know who have taken off around Lake Superior with big big dreams. They went out fast, abused a tendon or a joint, and had to postpone or give up their plans. While Mike and Kate are doing big days, they aren't so big that they've lost their ability to move...or their will.

At last record, they had made it through the Grand Portage reservation and were camped at Judge Magney State Park. I'll be meeting them this week in the Schroeder/Little Marais area, to help them find a route along the lake shore and away from Highway 61.

Keep an eye out for the two hikers and their RV. It's the homestretch now, and the old coots are cranking along.

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