Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They're having more fun

You know you're middle aged when you think other people are having more fun than you are, just because they're younger.

After my mighty-fine hike up and around the Cascade River the other day, I found this cute little busy car in the parking lot. The license plate said North Carolina, the big plastic containers in the back said "Road Trip," and the kayak on top said "Fun fun fun." Sure my Honda CRV was tricked out with, mmm, a Holiday Store refillable coffee mug. But in a battle for the coolest, I lost before I even began.

Was it a couple of whitewater dudes here to check out our extreme "creek boating" in the spring run-off? Was it a young couple on an adventure road trip/date? Maybe it was just one guy in a lonely pursuit of the perfect wave.

I love hiking and camping and skiing the North Shore. But I'm guessing whoever was driving this car was having a lot more "yee-hahs!" than I was. They were probably taking videos for YouTube too, like this one below. Punks. Kids today.

Someday they'll be middle-aged, too.

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