Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twin Lakes Trail: The Gag Reel

Coming very soon to a browser near you: a captivating blog posting about a wonderful hike to Bean and Bear lakes out of Silver Bay.

For today, however, enjoy the gag reel. See, poodles just do not get the self timer photograph thing.

What do you get when Chloe (the poodle) makes a blooper? A Chlooper.

Chlooper 1, atop "Elam's Knob" overlooking Silver Bay and Lake Superior:

Inner dialogue for Chloe: "He wants me to look that way, so I'll look the other way."

Chlooper 2, overlooking Bear Lake:

"Oh, I get it now. You go in front of the camera and stand stock still. I like standing stock still."

Chlooper 3, still at Bear Lake: The camera was mounted on an alder branch and weighed it down as I walked away.

"Now's my chance to push him over. Serves him right for putting me on the leash when that squeeky-voiced young lady hiked by."

Chlooper 4, overlooking Bean Lake

"Oops! Too soon, huh? My bad."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's hard working with Talent in these photo shoots, isn't it? Particularly high maintenance Gallic Talent who have their own aesthetic ideas for each shoot and shot.

As in the last shot:"What eef I look as eef I have just pooshed you off zee cleef and I am running then away from zee edge....?"