Monday, December 21, 2009

John Dee, whoever you are, I love you

I'm easy, I guess. Promise me 12 inches of snow or more for Christmas morning, and you've got my heart's attention. Deliver on that promise, and I'm yours heart and soul. John Dee has a new website that handles big snow promises like this, and I am already his biggest fan. It's not love-love, like I love my wife and my sons. But snow like this triggers some deep emotions all the same.

Paul Huttner at Minnesota Public Radio says this is shaping up like the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. I really like how that map above sets the big purple area right on top of Duluth and the North Shore.


Manisha said...

I'm with you on the snow! Bring it on, I say! I remember that 1991 blizzard here in the Cities. For us, the metereologists say it will start snowing on Wednesday and continue to Saturday! Woohoo!! said...

I love the weather,if it's to snow
make it alot. I want a snow event.
Depending on how it tracks it's looking like alot. John Dee's website is wonderful. I've followed his page for quite awhile. Also just love the snow cams in Michigan.