Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The storm approaches

The wind off Lake Superior kicked up this morning. From the southwest, a thick layer of cumulus clouds slid over the lake, like a blanket drawn by a modern-day Nanabijou. The clouds covered the solstice sun as it rose far to the south above the Wisconsin shore.

Big storm coming. May be up to 20 inches of snow here and along the North Shore. The Slade and Rauschenfels home is ready to go. Snow, more snow, and then we ski.

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All American Packaging said...

Lake Superior's size creates a localized oceanic or maritime climate (more typically seen in locations like Nova Scotia). The water surface's slow reaction to temperature changes, seasonally ranging between 32°-55°F (0°-13°C) around 1970,[14] helps to moderate surrounding air temperatures in the summer and winter, and creates lake effect snow in colder months.