Thursday, December 3, 2009

Try this at home: sand skiing

I love to ski. I live on the sand beach here in Duluth. Why did it take a Brazilian speaking in English with Norwegian subtitles to get me to think of combining sand and skiing?

Check this video out. It shows "Den brasilianske langrennsløperen" Jacqueline Mourao cross-country skiing on beach dunes.

The one word I could decipher in the Norwegian narration was a certain city in British Columbia. Apparently the Norwegian term for Vancouver, site of the upcoming Winter Games, is "Vancouver." Plus you get to translate ads for broadband internet from Norwegian.

Yes, it's true. While we're waiting for the snow to fall, I have nearly nothing better to do that trawl the internet looking for faux skiing experiences. If you don't already subscribe to Bruce Adelsman's MiniSkinny e-mail newsletter, do so now. It's got all sorts of stuff like this.

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Dave Carlson said...

White Sands, New Mexico is not exactly close to home. Kids ride their saucers and snowboards down the dunes there. That would be interesting cross country skiing. There is real snow skiing not far away on the volcanic slopes near Rio Doso.