Thursday, December 17, 2009

Light up the Igloo, Nanook!

Andy at UpNorthica had a post and link today with photos of cool igloos. I just thought I'd toss in a recent igloo shot of my own, from Duluth's Bentleyville.

Polar bears are messing with penguins in a antipodal mash-up. Note the Leaning Tower of Enger to the back left, complete with the green light on top.

If you're anywhere near Duluth in the evening, take an hour or so to tour the Bentleyville light display. The lights are cool, and I enjoyed being part of a festive Christmas crowd...took me back to Kristkindlmarkts in Germany.

They did a great job with the ship and Lift Bridge, though I like the actual Lift Bridge better.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I've never visited Bentleyville and have to make
a point in doing so this year.
I have realitves in the area of course so we must all go down to Bayfront.